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A well tailored suit is to woman what lingerie is to men

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Welcome to suiting up in the 21st century. Our business model is trimmed to offer you the best suits in the most convenient way at the lowest possible cost. Design your custom suit online and let us handle the rest. If you are a beginner, read our Suits 101 guide to help you decide on the perfect suit. If you are a seasoned suit buyer, we have over 4,000,000 possible suit combinations to experiment with.

Quality, Convenience, Price

When Aether Suits started, we personally handpicked the finest fabrics Bangkok could offer to our customers. But the search didn’t stop there. We also embarked on a journey to find experienced tailors that took pride in the work they did, all to ensure that our quality exceeded your expectations.
As one of the first online custom suit retailers, we have been in the business long enough to refine our supply chain to get you your suit when you need it. Plus, a customer service staff to respond quickly to your inquiries.
The Aether Promise Guarantee is the most complete custom suit guarantee you’ll ever find. Standing behind our products 100%, we ensure you will get the suit you want.

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More than Just a Brand

Aether Suits is the leading online custom suits retailer serving a global clientele as diverse as our suits. Our customer centric philosophy, small business culture and straight-forward attitude have caught the attention of a dedicated client base. Constantly pushing the industry forward by expanding our product line-up, we are on course to stay the leading provider in online custom suits. Specializing in bespoke suits online, we enable you to buy custom suits online right from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, by cutting out middlemen and overhead we are able to maintain the highest standard of quality while delivering your online custom suit at a fraction of the cost. All our products are backed by a risk-free 100% guarantee and with over 4 million possible combinations – we give custom tailoring a new meaning.
Whether it is your first job interview, you’re hosting a party on a private yacht or appearing on a Japanese reality TV show, we have been there.
We are more than just a brand. We are you.